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Successful Case Of Self-maintenance - $15 To Repalce The Phone Screen ,Runs Perfectly!

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Successful Case Of Self-maintenance - $15 To Repalce The Phone Screen ,Runs Perfectly!

Successful case of self-maintenance:
costs $15, time: 1 hour
David sat calmly at the computer desk and first checked the broken phone. Fortunately, only the screen glass is broken, and other hardware such as the motherboard and buttons are intact. There is only one solution to this situation. Change the screen! Where to buy a replacement screen?
There is no computer store in Canada. Can only go to the Internet to find, open google search, iphone screen replacement. Fortunately, I found the iphone6 screen assembly at once, the price is not expensive, 12 US dollars, plus shipping 15 US dollars! That's it. In the evening, I clicked the buy button.
SpiderMall’s service was really good, and the courier rang the doorbell the next afternoon. Actually, the goods arrived the next day!
With a grateful heart, take a closer look at the screen assembly I bought:
There is nothing to see in the packaging
Screen assembly, two specifications of disposable screwdriver, a plastic spudger, a pry piece, a suction cup
Although I haven't changed the screen myself, I've seen a few others operate the first disassembly! Use a larger screwdriver to unscrew the two screws on the bottom of the phone.
The second step is to attach the suction cup and pull up the screen. But the sad thing is that this screen is broken and the slag is not sucked at all.
Use a flipper to insert a slit directly, and then move it around to separate the screen and the rear case.
Slowly lift the screen from the lower part. At this time, the cables of the screen, fingerprint home button, earpiece, front camera and sensor are all on the upper part.
To remove all the connecting wires, the first step is to remove the metal baffle in the upper right corner. A total of five screws, in addition to the four corners, there is one in the middle. It was repaired before, and the middle screw was covered with a warranty sticker. I didn’t see it. It took 10 minutes to find the hidden screw.
After removing the baffle, pull out the four cables one by one with a spudger, and the phone screen will be separated from the main body. Then remove the metal baffle at the top of the screen and gently remove the camera assembly and earpiece. The camera assembly is glued on with double-sided tape and slowly pulled down. david did this step because the screw from the previous step was not found. You can see that the little Dongdong on the battery is the earpiece, and you can also see that the battery is also rear-mounted
This is the front camera and sensor components. You should understand the truth when you see this. Almost all Iphone accessories are replaceable, no difficulty, and the price is extremely low. What camera, earpiece, wifi, home button are all It's a few dollars. Those who repair mobile phones often need hundreds of dollars
At this time, the broken screen can not be thrown away. Because the new screen I bought does not have a middle frame, I need to remove this metal middle frame. There are 6 screws on each side.
Make a comparison between the new screen in the middle frame and the old screen. By the way, the old home button should also be changed. The home button is a rare accessory that cannot be replaced, and the new one will no longer have fingerprint recognition.
The rest of the work is to replace it as it is. It is a little more difficult to reinstall the front camera and earpiece. In fact, just match the original opening, and then screw on the metal gasket to fix it. Then plug the four cables of the screen onto the motherboard and fix them with spacers again. Here David will not tell you how crazy it is when you find the screws again if you did not arrange the screws according to the order.......
Cover the screen, at this time, do not need to tighten the last two screws, start the inspection.
The function is intact, the touch is sensitive, the screen is clear! With the last screw in the hole, this fun screen change is over! Appreciate the results.