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LCD BuyBack Recycling Program

SpiderMall's free LCD buyback recycling program makes it easy for you to play a role in helping to protect the environment and earn an extra money.

SpiderMall and the Environment

SpiderMall is committed to supporting our customers and protecting the environment throughout the product lifecycle. SpiderMall's free LCD BuyBack recycling program makes it easy for you to safely and affordably recycle your used mobile phones.

For more information about SpiderMall's recycling programs and industry-leading environmental policies, please visit SpiderMall.com/environment.

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SpiderMall offers several ways to recycle your old mobile phones:

First, see if your old mobile phones has monetary value. If the mobile phones qualifies for SpiderMall's mobile phones Reuse and Recycling program, you can receive an SpiderMall Gift Card or the money for the value of your old mobile phones.

Complete the online form: To get started, visit mobile phones Reuse and Recycling and complete a short online form. This form gathers information about your old mobile phones to determine if it qualifies for reuse. If it does, that means it has monetary value.

Get your estimate and ship your mobile phones: SpiderMall will estimate the fair market value of your mobile phones. We will send you a prepaid shipping label. Pack your mobile phones carefully, then send it off.

Receive your SpiderMall Gift Card: SpiderMall will apply the monetary value of your old mobile phones to an SpiderMall Gift Card, which you will receive by e-mail. Use it for purchases at SpiderMall.com (U.S.).

If your old mobile phones doesn't qualify for reuse, SpiderMall will recycle it responsibly at no cost to you. Just look for the free recycling offer during the reuse process above.

SpiderMall offers free mobile phones recycling with the purchase of any new mobile phones LCD screen. Just check the opt-in box during online checkout. You will be sent an email with two pepaid shipping codes. Follow the instructions on the email to recycle your old mobile phones.

If all you want is to dispose of your unwanted equipment — regardless of brand — we can help you do that. SpiderMall contracts with Professioal Recycling Solutions company to responsibly recycle computers and displays from any manufacturer. Just call1-323-943-9251 to receive a free prepaid shipping label. Then pack up your equipment using your own box and send it off. For more information about Recycling Solutions learn more.

Recycling Batteries

SpiderMall also offers free recycling for all mobile phones batteries. Just bring your old mobile phones battery to visit the SpiderMall online Store and we'll do the rest.

Recycle items by mail

Besides you can recycle your mobile phone by mail:

Complete the online form: On the Recycling Program for Mobile Phones page, enter the quantity of mobile phones you'd like to recycle. Enter your name and address.

Choose your shipping options: Print out the mailing label and attach it to your own packaging, or request free prepaid packaging materials to ship your items.

Package: Securely package the items and take them to your local post office. Visit usps.com to find a location near you.