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Quality & Warranty

Spidermall have our own factory! We are committed to improving production technology.Strict control of product quality! Spidermall manufacturing and assembly capacities enable us to make the most use of the available resources. The processes we install from beginning to end are assured to save costs forour customers without having to sacrifice quality and on-time delivery. 

Our professional team has a good knowledge of consumer electronics. We also have a rich base of experience in partsmanufacturing and assembly, which ensures a quality-assured and stable supply to ourclients. Spidermall will provide our best service for you.

How We Test ?


A.Visual Inspections

Qualified Standard:

1.No scratches or damages.

2.No missing parts, such as: screws, adhesives.

3.No bubbles, foreign body! Bracket is not pinched, carved



B.Functional Tests (Touch Screen Test)

  1. Detecting a touch screen, and the effect of the detection in the virtual keyboard input.
  2. LCD and Touch Screen Teste.

Qualified Standard:

1.Tester Test Standard: Diagonally draw straight lines on the screen, the lines appear without any malposition, breakage or bend.

2.Application Test Standard: The software indicate as passe


C.Functional Tests (LCD Display Test)

Tools Needed:

1.LCD and Touch Screen Tester.

2.Tuning into black screen testing Light spot and color spot

3.Tuning into white see black spots, pressing traces

4.Tuning into grey screen detection screen line and the splash screen

Qualified Standard:

1.Tester Test Standard: Less than or equal to 2 dead pixels (pixel diameter is less than 0.15mm).

2.Application Test Standard: The software indicate as passed.



D.Functional Tests (Small Parts' Tests)

Tools Needed:

1.Relevant OEM Test Modules.

2.Other related devices. Such as: earpiece is required on audio flex test, data cable and charger are required on charging port test, multimeter is required on tests of loud speaker, ear speaker and vibrating motor and so on.

Qualified Standard:

1.Module Test Standard : Function as normal

2.Multimeter Test Standard: Loud speaker ohmic resistance reaches 6~10 ohmic; ear speaker ohmic resistance reaches 27~32 ohmic; vibrating motor vibrates or rotates after being supplied with 1.5~4.2V DC electricity.



E.Assembly Tests

Tools Needed:



3.Other related devices, like: RF Test Equipment, NFC Test Device.

Qualified Standard:

1.Work normally on OEM Test Modules.

2.the assembly is installed on a mobile phone see four edges have crack.

3.Stents not being stuck up.

4.Look at the screen if there is any leakage around the light

5.No cosmetic or functional imcompatiability on OEM Test Modules.