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We Only Supply Quality Parts

We believe that customers can take great quality. Here are some aspects we do to help you
understand why you deserve a better supply. Go SpiderMall, Fix More, Earn More.
Not all parts or sellers are created equal. And sometimes it’s hard to tell apart the good, the
bad, and the inconsistent. We’ve spent all the time vetting sources and suppliers including our
own factory all kinds of quality standards and management standards.


Our parts quality consistently leads the industry because we have the most robust processes: all parts are
rigorously tested, SpiderMall certified, and backed by our longtime Warranty.
Our parts strike the best balance of cost, availability, function, reliability, and durability.

Some features are available only on iPhone 6/6 Plus.


Trust, but verify. We examine every pixel. We check the cycle count and capacity of every battery. We test
and re-test components, verify product compatibility, and carefully inspect every single part. If a part doesn’t
meet our meticulous standards, we won’t sell it.

Our Manufacturers Do:

  • Accurate Location

    Fit device without deviation and gap. For iPhone LCD screen parts, all are controlled within 2.17-2.25mm for iPhone products, make sure all items are a 100% perfect fit.

  • Bright Color Backlight

    For iPhone parts, the brightness is controlled within the 500-550 lumens spectrum, same as the original. The cold-tone or the warm-tone can be customized. And all parts without static and light-leaking.

  • Sensitive Touch

    Using the www.3Dtouchtest.com on iOS products, and the MultiTouch Tester on Andoird products, all the LCD screens are sensitivity tested.

  • High and Low Temperature Test Chamber

    Via heating system: heat pipe stainless steel heater Refrigeration system: European and United States approved efficient energy-saving ultra-low temperature refrigeration system (air-cooled cooling) to test around 200H from -30℃ to 80℃ to improve the stably.

  • Flex Cable Bending Test

    Superior material, each flex cable could bear 30 times resistance to bending test. Fix the test machine with the mobile phone chassis, set the clamshell angle and frequency. At least every 10,000 times after they remove the product for an electrical test to check the disconnection.

  • Oleophobic Coating

    The glass is covered with oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprints and waterproof.

Strong Glass Cover & Bezel

As the LCD is thinner and thinner, the traditional hot press process can not adapt to this. So, with the three- axis dispenser, minimum Production capacity of 1500/10H, strong frame relying cold press process, glass cover and bezel attached together, which creates a perfect fitting phone to solve frame looseness and excessive glue problem. Although it requires more production time, and higher production cost, it will cut down the complaint that caused by bezel and cover separation.

Resource,Guides, Tools, Parts

We provide more than just a part: when you buy from SpiderMall, you get a complete repair solution—from
beginning to end. Step-by-step repair and installation guides. Troubleshooting resources. Tools designed by
repair professionals especially for electronics repair.

Hassle free Returns

And speaking of the Lifetime Warranty: If you ever have a problem with your part after installation, we’ll
happily honor SpiderMall’s long-life time Warranty. Our team will get you back on track with quick returns and
speedy replacements.

SpiderMall’s long-life time Warranty

SpiderMall Provides long-life time Warranty to all customers. And if you want to have a life-time warranty,
please join our wholesale program or sign our business membrship. Batteries and other consumables are not
covered by the Lifetime Warranty. Accidental damage, normal wear and tear, and labor costs are also not
covered. This long-time Warranty lasts as long as you own the item. SpiderMall will replace any defective or
malfunctioning product at no charge; if the part is no longer available, we will provide a refund.