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SpiderMall Screen Grades

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When you ordered from wireless repair websites for a replacement part, it comes to you A+, A++, AAA, AA, S+, OEM, basic grade, select grade, prime grade etc, it’s difficult to know what you’re actually getting and how it compares to other suppliers’ parts?

Here, on SpiderMall, Let's be simple!
By setting our own specifications for the screens we sell, and we clearly define them for you here.

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Choose the Screen Line that really Works for You

  • Value Grade A+

    Aftermarket frame
    No polarized lens visibility

  • Premium Grade S+

    Aftermarket frame
    Polarized lens visibility

  • Certified GradeR+

    Original manufacturer frame
    Polarized lens visibility

  • Value Grade A+ stands for China made quality, with all components made of original compliant materials. They are widely accepted compliant replacements for original parts, which can keep a good balance between price and quality.

  • Premium Grade S+ 100% original core components like LCD, IC chip, while non-core components like flex, glass lens and frame made of best original compliant material (also , which are assembled by the capable third-party factories.

  • Certified Grade R+ parts are those with 100% original core components like LCD, IC chip, flex, while non-core component like frame can be original or original compliant (Up to the main market trend), which are assembled by the original factories.

Why do we set our own screen Grade?

Everybody knows, when testing different LCD brands side-by-side and across models, and will find that each screen looked and performed differently within each group. Because each component in a LCD display has an effect on the performance of the part. This is why we take our grading factors into account and in our own Chinese factory, we set the specific quality standards to meet different kinds of demands. At SpiderMall, we only offers quality parts. See how SpiderMall's Chinese factory make the quality parts, Click here.

What does this mean for you?

* If you operate in a price-conscious market where the balance between price and quality value is most important, choose Value Grade A + aftermarket display assembly. Performance is often better than value offerings from other major suppliers. Take a trail, It’s a difference you will appreciate and can give you an edge in a competitive market.
* If your customers demand a higher degree of function and performance, Premium Grade S+ aftermarket display assembly is the grade for you. With noticeably higher brightness and contrast, and similar visibility through sunglasses when compared with original parts, Premium Grade S+ aftermarket display assembly meets the needs of demanding and quality focused markets.
* For customers who demand the closest match to original parts, Certified Grade R+ refurbished display assembly has you covered. Whether for technical compliance or simply the need for the best possible part, Certified Grade R+ refurbished display assembly delivers the finest parts for critical markets.

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